Rector's Welcome

Hello and welcome to St. Leonard Orthodox Church.  This website was built with those in mind who are new to Holy Orthodoxy or maybe even the Christian Faith.  I hope you will spend some time with us and also pray this site will help you discover a better understanding of our hearts, our call, and our passion for Jesus Christ and making Him known to a world desperately in need of a savior.

St. Leonard Orthodox Church is a missionary church plant to the southern Coalfields region of West Virginia located in Keystone in McDowell County.  The Christian faith has a storied and proud history throughout the Appalachians and it is the prayer and desire of this mission to continue that story with our efforts to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Coalfields region.

Our vision We are convinced the Holy Spirit is calling us to rediscover God’s will for the lives of His people and that is to be a powerful journey.  Christ desires to be Lord of our lives and offers us a place in His Father’s Kingdom where we can rest with the knowledge we are the children of God.  This powerful truth drives us and we pray you will be moved to join us in this journey.

YOU are invited to peruse this website, contact us with any questions you might have and most of all visit us and discover your place in the family of God.

Your Servant in Christ,

Fr. Adam J. Trent
Missionary Priest
St. Leonard Orthodox Church